Poem – “Undermining Me” – Romanticism – 12/13/2020

In the plain shadows,
Beneath your fallen eyes,
Bleeding and dreaming
For something
More than decay,
As I am unable
To find the fires soothing
With the wind under my feet,
And the clouds parted,
To see.

I sell too many tears,
Finding scarlet where the meadows
Were to the tyrant’s control.
Loving veil
With beauty beneath,
As you crawl under the silk
Soft enough, for the raven’s beak
To pluck away.

Just the world of my own,
Collapsing into eternal rain,
Smothering by unwelcomed blessings.
Loving you
Was to hear a heart,
Flowing among the galaxies.
You have started to sink,
Forever stilled.

Holding wine close to lips,
Swearing to cure you
Under fossilized screams.
Now a mouth
Drinking bitterness,
To a dry cough.