Poem – “Under the Marble Stars” – Romanticism – 12/13/2020

Porcelain droplets,
Funereal departure,
Shed doubt
From a heart of moisture,
Losing gaps
To cross,
On a voyage of stepping stones.

I love
The you, without the girl,
Remaining the woman.
Raven tress,
Golden neck,
To the sounds of trains
Passing the guard to your heart.

Lifted veil,
Holy album
Of differing hymns
To mythical delights.
I hold her in darkness,
Flashes of moments
Coming crossed for our sins.

Kissing in the tunnel
Of molten love,
Heated in arms, decked about
In trances,
Simplicity to every word
Held to our singing hearts
As lockets, without keys.

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