Poem – “Partner Undermined” – Romanticism – 12/16/2020

Staring noon
Dead to the center
Of falsehoods in the sun.
Ripping moon
From the center of pale,
Dead to the cadaver
Still lettered
For the passing
Of painted
Red-wiped kisses.

She calls a strike,
A final deed to the rupture
Of several forgotten seeds.
Hold one hand,
Release another.
Stay what will,
Place her to the thrill
Of loving Hell,
To the whispering sound
Of her tolling spell.

She pulls the sheet,
For a close night
Upon the breezes,
Still a smile,
Loving to the mile,
Where walk the cadavers
For her
Sheer amusement.

Femme fatale,
Taint to the wall,
To the blisters within fingers,
And blood rising with bile.
A life of curses,
Blessings with bottles,
As hearts shatter,
While Heavens scatter.