Poem – “Holding you, in Regard” – Romanticism – 1/1/2021

Swim back,
My dear,
Swim back
To arms that will not release
You, to the wind.
Your eyes, a blanket of misery,
Despondent in every color,
Cloaked by leaves that tempt you
Over to feel the fading light.

Dream forward,
My love,
Dream forward
To scenery that keeps you warm,
Towards a place that never hurls you
The sentenced scorn.
Keep your eyes open
On the pathways to Heaven,
As love matches your heart’s yearning.

Keep afloat,
My dream,
Keep afloat
And do not downpour
The lies you’ve been swimming against,
In a heart that never amends
The memories too sick and loud,
Of faces that watch you fall.

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