Miniature Poetry Collection – 5 Poems – “Skull of All I Loved” – Romanticism – 2/24/2021

Poem #1

“Awaiting Fog”

The thickness
Around your eyes.
Smother your discomfort
With ease and surrender,
For defeat to shed
Ashes to your toes.

Dance with the deepest sighs
To plume from reddest lips.
Give finality
To each falling grace.
Grab your basket
Full of the scenery you plucked,
To birth taste, from your tears.

Drunk on sorrows,
Amorous with your fears.
Laid there, not curving
To the unkind memories
That leave you open.

Sadness descends
From eyes, pulled apart,
With the cries
Among the laughter,
Not told apart.

Poem #2

“Wanting you here”

The paths our eyes bleed,
Down to the forests
Grasped in our hands,
Leaves stains, made as lakes,
Ripples waves,
Dry to the tongue.

I have laughed,
In want of a final memory
To scream our worlds close,
Full to the song
Of lungs that breathed you,
For eyes that watched you.

Of oceans, between,
Losing scarlet from your lips
In the sunset,
As you see sunrise
Engulfing the trees,
Standing up the buildings.

Leaking world
Carrying loss,
Edging out a horizon’s fold
Upon a chapter,
Where stars collide
With the black of our covers.

Poem #3

“Peeling Tears away”

Save the world
From simple imagery.
As loss falls together
With loss,
Some sighs were breathed
As though netted
By the one
Who gave the last kiss.

To graves, full of burial
For tears to water the garden
Where life begins
To churn, as a soft petal
Loses its grip
To become the pillow
To smother the eyes
Of a wilted corpse.

Some sighs were never heard,
As some winds
Are never felt.

To the tears that lose
Their precious hold,
Like petals to purify us.

Coldness from the bucket,
Drawn from the well
Of blemished sadness,
Of great burns upon the flesh
While water collides
With cremation,
To makes the ashes more visible
Than the loss.

Poem #4

“Dance, to Catch the Rain”

Waste not
The places you love,
Dearest dear.
You drink the gifts.
Of ribbon,
Dressed of paper,
Colored by children
Your eyes ignored.
They looked to your heart,
If not to your breast.

Await the words,
While sadness manages you,
Keeps you settled.
Hug close, the ghost,
For he has been the dark
In your heart.

Live the world, apart
From plainest, cruel winter
Inside where memories are yours,
The keen side
Of all that decors,
Beyond all that decays.

The losing battle,
Of a side that never takes
The grave deceased.

The undergoing struggle,
With death locked
Out its own door.

Poem #5

“A Wilderness of Wishes”

All great runaways
For their dreams, to never envision
A rope would take their neck,
As stars would circle,
To burst.

All fumbled comparisons
Drive the deep glow
Of paradise, deeper below.
Why do the people
Sing on?

Trees, same as tumbling
The fewest ants
Are not ever the type
To remember
What hearts quitted their rhythm,
With the stains of sap
From crumpled bark.

Lose the neck,
While the same cage
Surrounds the same book
Of the same burned page,
Staining fingers
Of the same familiar soot.

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