Poem – “Bleed through the Pages” – Romanticism – 3/6/2021

As I
Stand, without a smile
Above the grave
Where I called my fellow
Being the bird of torture.
The death of a love,
Of all wasted years I spent
Sending sighs
To the ocean’s width.

While I
Fade, among the pain,
Wallow, among the grain,
Wade, through the stain,
Swallow, the future with shame,
There is tunnel vision,
With no vision for the tunnel.

Crafting my book,
The same broken story
Not told among the letters
Sent to her memory.

Establishing myself,
In vain, anew
With the same broken letters,
Sends towards asymmetry.

Among love,
Among every breath,
Every kiss,
There is smoke,
Blindness and belief
That rightness shall smother
An old, forgotten color.

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