Poem – “How is the Lonely Earth?” – Love Poetry – 3/20/2021

I crawl, to your open grave,
Weeping a waterfall
Bleeding behind,
Towards no shore of the earth’s design,
To take this pace
Out onto the ocean’s stretch,
With arms to heed
Your grace,
Your dying call.

Washing my hands
In the farewell to you,
Fingers, among porcelain palms,
Bending a mind into sadness,
Waving away
Yourself, to the drift
Of waves depicting the parting
Of Moses in his release
Of freedom.

With pain to every breath,
As life signals all its ends
In each heartbeat,
An ocean may water down
Sickness caught in the throat,
As released tears express
A reveal of kept bitterness,
These eyes
Shall remain blind
To your exit.

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