Poem – “The Kisses we Push” – Love Poetry – 3/21/2021

In bleeding footsteps,
Staying where sickness burns
In the rubble of our nowhere,
Stealing mercy
From the holiest Hells
Of Heaven.

We leech
What we can feed
With kisses, pushed deep.
Coldness from the remnants
Of winter,
Keeping eyes upon the skies
Where rain
Keeps us smiling in our fever,
Washing old visions.

Can only hold us
For long as arms can sweep
The dust from our sides,
Shoulders and minds,
For as long
As this embrace can be locked
Before common sense
Turns the key to remove us
From fleshly chains.

Where beauty
Can be something kept,
Healing soft vowels
That were never said,
In symmetrical evenness.
We stay to remind
Our world of its past.

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