Miniature Poetry Collection – 5 Poems – “Cruel Silence” – Romanticism – 3/26/2021

Poem #1

“A Wake of Disbelief”

Here, to write
Out the nameless names
Of people with forgotten faces,
For nothing more coated
In cleansing tears,
In the sickness of not remembering
What you have become of my heart
Will make me burn brighter.

Wild eyes
See the night
Crawl with stains upon the walls,
Of waving shadows
Speaking “farewell” to the glimpse
Of mirth and void.

Laughter and tension
Arises, with the sight of the moon,
As tears cannot be discerned
Between the light that blinds
And the stretch of dark.

You come in the cold embrace
As a missing presence to my bedside.
Holding my head in phantom palms
Keeps me aware of the curse
To love’s short sight.

Poem #2

“Shadow Strands”

Teeming in the burial of a moon
Where the pale is a phobia,
A fear of something familiar
In the strands of night.

With life to live through death,
Brittle in the flesh,
Frozen in the caress
None too sweet as when skin
Sweats in the ease of passion.

For spider-silk,
As to the dress that covers
Your delicate form,
As dew falls to extinguish your lamp.
A body uncovered,
Unconnected from its outlet,
Strands as dark
As the walls are collected
With breakable shadows.

Do you bleed with the flame,
Dear gusts and saddened shame?
A tale to tell,
While worms are eating
Through the wood
In the bucket
That held your moments,
Before deep in the well,
It fell.

Poem #3

“Never Here”

Forever, did the heart steer
From directions in the head?
False openings of the eyes
To the sight of none,
Of no one breathing out this name,
Early in the God-given morning.

Funerals still
Keep memories open
To your stilled and frozen shape,
Crystallized as carved ice,
Just a sculpture for a priest’s marvel,
As I could not melt away
What would come to stay.

Field the earth
Full of dust,
Watering eyes
Full of cries.
Kill the hope
That will not return,
Drop the rope
Disallowed to burn.

Poem #4

“Wherever the Pain Flows”

Wherever the rocks collect
As never-trembling pieces of regret,
Cold to the many faces
That ignore them,
While water flows, to smooth
Out the tension, in the traces
Of many places
Where pain
Might have slept.

Tears flow
As waves depart
From the ever-ongoing shore,
The ever-blanketing
Part of the arrival
Of desolation,
That screams the sensation
Of pain upon the blood
With violent disapproval,
Without gentle removal.

Walking in your stead,
Recalling all I have read,
Bleeding memories against pebbles,
Eroding myself dry.

Waking in your place,
Weeping from my face
As love becomes the toxicity
Losing where beauty fails.

Poem #5

“Absence like the Winter”

Great cold
On these cheeks
Where your kisses are no longer
The red, where the white now resides.
Great ocean of despair,
A great pretense
In the urge to care
That you’ll rise from the dark debris,
A newly-crafted bride.

Silence all waters
Where the waves come rushing.
Winter pushes us
Towards the sleeping horizon,
Healing our hours
In the great night of nevermore.

I am inside
This wide heart of mine,
Forever forgetting
In what inevitably heals
Of drawn scars
By the artist’s stroke.

Still wishing
To the last drop of a moment
That remaining pain
Can come collecting
Burning oceans,
In thrashing motion
Of discarded limbs
Where fatal fates
Return to familiar states.

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