Poem #1,716 – “Scenery in your Veins” – Love Poetry – 6/22/2021

Travesty between the trees,
A final smile, before the current flees
Towards a muddled reflection in the lake.
To draw her sigh, make her breathe
With an unfaltering kiss
Upon the lovelorn heart, all to take
Among a stagnant woman, from her bliss.

The lesser rises,
Changes in the autumn’s coating
To become the miles, traced in decay
With quivering leaves
To display what never surprises.

She once stood in her element.
Raindrops upon the filtered garden,
Petals as teardrops, with no silent warden
To guard the heart, what she resents.

Full to the brim with seeds
To grow what then falls
From a Heaven made to bleed for
In all sceneries to be adored.

She falls to arms, weeping a psalm
Alone in her making more
To the silence over everything calm,
Keeping scenery diseased beneath the palm.

A wedding to allow her sleep
In breaking arms, bleeding fingertips
Was halted at her decay.
Roots grew for the presence of thorns,
Fading back where she was born –

A shadow caught in the remaining sunlight,
A woman receding back into moonlight.

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