Poem #1,717 – “And you Fell” – Love Poetry – 6/22/2021

Each smile to the salvation.
Twin lovers with identical hearts
Swim in veins, before evening starts
On their voyage towards elation.
With no stars to appear,
Love grew apart, with the lit match
Burning the crown of thorns –

As blood fell to match the bread,
With a mother weeping for her dead.

A man embraces a woman,
Holding her shed skin, close
Before folding her eyes to close.
Departure to the state of communion –

A still-born life, lovers born apart,
Weeping upon emptied hands
Pleading for the sun to smile.

Answers from the Lord, above
Who held His figure in segmented perfection
For pieces to rise in resurrection,
Parts of a form, recreated from love.

He held His figure with shadows
To teem upon twin lovers,
With nothing more to a crippled embrace –

That retreats, within the space.
Love broke apart the bread,
As brittle leaves faded in the earth.
A fallen smile that never lifted
For lovers that always drifted.

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