Poem – “A Timeworn Kiss” – Romance – 12/5/2019

Why had love grown
Past the thorn that we thought was higher
Than the top of your crowned head?

You are the woman with feeling abound,
And the bitterness that surrounds
My mouth,
Was from your timeworn kiss,
From smallest lips
Dripping with the yellowest poison,
Displaying the fever between us.

A fever, a warmth,
Alike the sun, alike honey.
Alike the sweetness from what kisses we could have
For the other, for each other.
We were beautiful,
Upon a time,
Upon an area in the past.
Nine petals,
Droop evenly over your mouth.

From a flower, you did pluck,
And it carried its venom,
For you to drink, like wine from a glass.
And I kissed,
I kissed, again,
Dove into your mind,
And saw something unlike my kind.
And as my future becomes something without you,
I see your shape, your shadow, dying on the horizon.

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