Poem – “A World formed by a Kiss” – Romance – 12/6/2019

Decorate me
In your golden tresses,
And rain upon me
Your tears of nectar.
I see so much sweetness in our minds,
Released emotions upon the world’s green forests,
As we breathe each other’s scents,
We are so very simple.

Death cannot come to us,
When life makes us comfortable.
In arms, we will dance, and dance, forever,
Beautiful, in our marriage, in our love,
In our peace, from wildest doves.
So small, that you are,
With arms that extend like birch boughs,
And so lovely with your mouth that whispers.

Like the wind with its caress
Against skin that seemed too cold.
Make me music, with your sighs,
And let us never say “goodbye”.
For I find you to be as beautiful,
As the death that surrounds limitless children
Without mothers of their own,
But deserving the embrace,
Still more,
And stilled, again,
We are,
By our grace and love.

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