Poem – “Your Eyes for this Occasion” – Romance – 12/5/2019

Upon blue irises,
Folded over with lids like bird feathers,
A glass of red within reach of a porcelain hand,
I stare.

Beauty has welcomed itself, upon this occasion,
Your grace, and your face,
Two eyes like twin moons upon my own,
Shifting away in incredible shyness.

Lovely, you are,
Upon this evening of evenings.
And highlighted you are,
Near to a candle that stains you yellow.

A little form, and a face of snow,
And the two eyes that look back
To see where I attempt to seduce
You, into submission.

A beautiful woman
With a folded shape.
A lovely bird,
With wings that stretch out.
I will kiss, and kiss, again,
Those eyes of yours,
Little beauty.

We have become something special.

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