Poem – “The Part of Love that Remains” – Romance – 12/11/2019

An empty home is a tragedy
To what has revealed itself, upon a day in destiny.
We are two petals over curves,
And over our memories,
Where salvation lies buried, awaiting,
The new snows to descend, upon the beautiful other.
The little face you show, revealing perplexity.
The tears you rain from two eyes, crystalline, in form.
Every piece of dread that was for a past,
Is now a part of love, that remains.

Because, I wished for something that would sway me,
Entice me,
Soothe me,
Into new heights.
I had not asked for the snow to descend,
Nor for your tears to rain,
My famed beauty.
For you are the reveal of grief,
In this barren heart, of mine,
In this barren house, once was ours.

Now but a ghost, you are,
That lies clinging to my limp arms,
Long as the sea, going infinite,
Alike the Hell we, as well
Cling upon,
In this shameful destiny.
A wonderful woman, you once were,
With eyes that only streamed happiness,
Now a placement upon despair,
As shadows are your only company.

We are but a world, or two, apart,
Formed as children for our loathsome, beating hearts.

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