Poem – “A Love Well-Lived” – Romance – 12/11/2019

Believe the beast who cried,
“My shape is not how it should seem,
Because, I belong in the arms of another,
And not the arms of shadows!”

Torment came over the beast who gnawed at its arms,
A man with but a shadow for a reflection.
One gaze into the mirror,
And a silhouette was all to notice,
Of himself,
And of the world, around.

He lost himself,
Among the haze of negligence,
Until a woman entered the cave.
Her eyes a set a pearls,
Her form a structure of marble,
And her legs walked as if she were the most graceful antelope
To be heard, in her steps, in her gait,
Gentle, on the stone, where she paced.

His eyes penetrated her own,
And saw her heart,
Full with ripe kindness.
His desires quickened in this moment,
And he lunged!
Upon her, what were kisses from him
Were jaws clenching each limb.
And, she screamed a more terrible cry than ever he did.

“What have I done wrong?”
Questioned the man, the beast,
And she said,
“I wandered to this place, to appease my curious self,
But, I see you, so marked by your own torment.
Do you chew yourself,
As you do me?”

And he replied,
“I do not mean to,
But, my mind is not eased.
I only meant to kiss you.”

A smile lit her lips
To where a light shone over her head.
A blinding light,
That gave gravity a new definition,
In the book of Webster.

Little lips that smiled, then asked,
“Why are you in pain,
When all I wanted was to offer you that kiss?”

“That light! That light!”
Cried the beast.

“Why are you in pain?”
Asked she.

“That light! That light!”
Echoed the beast, now only a memory to her,
For when she left, she turned her head to look back,
And forever looked back,
Stuck in that memory

As the mere shadow, it is.

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