Poem – “As a Witness to your Downfall” – Romance – 12/21/2019

We are revealed, before an Earth that has concealed
Its face for too long.
Here is place we’ll both escape to, in the realm of our disgrace,
Death is a final place, that we both had to face.

We stared into Death’s face,
And spat upon it.
Now when love is still culled, like one population too overgrown,
Like thistle become twig; like rose become ashes.

And we each dance upon scattered remains, with our nostrils to the wind,
To smell our lives finding someone else’s bravery,
For we require saving.
We require saving.

We require the face of love,
That does not die.
And I am witness to your downfall,
You, as a murderer to a vision,
I once described,
To be alike a place that cannot vanish,
Because, all it does is thrive.
And yet, all you wanted was to survive.

And I have asked you,
“Beloved, do you know the difference
Between what it means to survive,
And to live?”

Perplexity surrounded your gaze,
For my words to you, were only a haze.

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