Poem – “Roaming in Unawareness” – Romance – 1/12/2020

Believe me, as I blew to you,
The kisses soaked in tears, and everything new.
You are the angel coated in dust,
The young woman with wings of ashes,
And you’ll fly from one home to the next,
You’ll flee to the next pair of arms,
That will only hold you as close as the Earth.

The little cinders that adorn my mind,
The beauty I’ve come to find,
Can only ever be my kind,
Is where Heaven has fallen, and has been blackened,
My happiness was raised, to be sent down,
Like an angel, or a bird
Once nested, to be then hanged.

Where is the single path
To somewhere else?
For I wish to escape
The time of pain,
Because, I’ve not gained
Even the smallest fortune
From your large heart.

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