Poem – “The Wrong Time of Darkness” – Romance – 1/12/2020

The wrong side we fell,
The wrong form of Hell,
The tears we drink up,
The faces we sink through.
Play me,
Your eyes, and their sorry Nature,
To weep, and expel a sorrowful sound.
As we deny
The next day
To arise.

Where had we felt this torment, before?
To go back, to allure it
To come back towards us.
People are sick upon our errors,
People are drowned in our demises.

They whisper
Coldness and cruelty
Like the ice of a winter’s breath.
Like what stings upon the time of death
When I watch you lay there, in sheets so dark.

You are transparent, in my eyes,
Just a ghost with a piece of me
In the tears.

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