Poem – “Agony Representative of my Eyes” – Romantic Poetry – 1/15/2020

Open yourself up to me
When you close your subtle glare,
And point your deceitful direction, at the dagger to your womb.
Allow your sorry stare to accompany it
Upon when ecstasy reaches its height.
Leave a sigh to my words,
The one word,
The lonesome word,
That touched you deeper than this.

Pledge your pain to me,
Oh woman, of many nights in caress.
Pledge your dear soul to me,
And say you won’t stray far from me,
Else you’ll make me act as the shepherd
To the lost lamb,
But, I’ll not groom you
As a groom,
I’ll simply slay you.

Nine times, I counted you crying
Into your own arms.
Eight times, I saw you breathing
Upon a cushion’s softness.
Seven times, and still you’ll repeat your vocabulary
Back into your heart,
Until all the world loves you.

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