Poem – “Arms, Delicate and Swaying” – Romantic Poetry – 2/9/2020

The world fumbles around
The entirety of you, and that is me
The man who watches with eyes that can only glimpse
Your bared and vulnerable beauty.

My eyes were drowned in utter darkness,
Though, now are stung by golden light.
For you dance, before me,
To show me,
Something that will extinguish me of misery.

Love glows
In my hands, like hoops called halos.
Like bracelets for you,
Or like rings for you,
Like what a majesty should wear,
In all magnificent display of herself.
Like, when you dance before me,
I see all there should be, to see,
Of a woman likening herself, to free me.

All the times, you’ve held upon a crown adorned in thorns,
In the pain of a life that showed contempt
To yourself, the woman of my belonging.

You now dance, tracing the edges of a form,
That twists along with the wind.
I would die before the world separates us.

We are not lost upon the ocean, as the sailors with only a compass,
For we raise ourselves from the loneliness,
And find ourselves,
Risen to the stars that we’ve watched.

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