Quote – “The Only Definition of Diversity” – 6/7/2020

“Diversity must be defined as stemming from knowledge over one’s own culture, traditions, and ways. Diversity cannot be departed from tradition, as that would go against the belief in new ideas. To define diversity as related to what already is diverse about a world, will cause this definition to adhere to a cycle of repetition. It is there when quality is erased, because one, through that definition, had only ever focused on numbers, on groups, never the truth or originality that could be expressed as an art form from these diverse people. Therefore, through such a focus on ‘existing diversity’, not on new ideas from tradition, one has a focus on deception, because deception is always opposite from originality. That is because the newness in ideas are going to uphold an origin without a primary focus upon it. One needs not to focus on who they are, when they can focus primarily on the preservation of it only by the introduction of new ideas.

It is in strength that a preservation is made, because one can comprehend that their origin cannot be entirely lost when they merge it, and their traditions, with a new expressive idea.

In the focus on sheer identity of a person, one rejects newness in ideas, one rejects criticism to better those new ideas. Identity cannot be created, as much as one can only dismantle their traditions into disorder, and represent only that.

Without expression that stems from tradition, and without newness in ideas that stems from the same, a person is only ever ‘diverse’ in a manner where they’re mass produced as the same result.”

– Anonymous

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