Poem – “As I am Loveless…” – Romance – 12/17/2019

As I once met a woman, near to a lake,
Near to a shore,
Near to a stream,
With the most delicate of leaves
Trembling, under the autumnal gaze
Beneath her,
And I.
She gazed upon them, each of them,
Washing along the delicate road,
With her own delicate vision.

I bereaved a new tear, down upon my cheek,
With failure to my every word.
Because, I caused the negligence, to what I needed most.
A love, because I was loveless,
And a woman, here, to sate the thirst,
For my heart, that has thorns about its exterior.

I have felt only the many pains,
And the many lashes,
From life’s harsh coldness.
And now, here to see,
What is destined to be,
A woman for my cold scenery,
And to warm it, beautifully.
I am, in this entrancement, fully aware of what’s to come.

A golden kiss upon my heart of winter,
And next, for arms of ivory to wrap themselves
About me, in their shapes so slender.
She is a rose, who does not know,
Where love goes, upon when it will show.

Have I forced? Have I coerced?
Love does save, or am I overly brave?
I merely wish for a kiss, that which I cannot miss,
Because I am sad, and have never
been glad.