Poem – “One Loving Face” – Romance – 12/28/2019

One loving face
Restores a vow.

Gifted, as it were
To what Heaven allowed.
In our place, among sands
As white as snow,

As bright as the sun
In its golden resplendence.

A child exists in you.
It is me,
The one who finds nighttime to be so Hellish,
While the Heaven in your eyes
I find to kiss the nightmares to die.

My grief was two crystalline currents,
There, roaring across my feeble face,
When the previous one
Went without me,
In my place among loneliness.

As your lips part,
I see a kiss, foretold, for the future.

But, you speak of my sins,
And speak of forgiveness!

A line has criminals
Waiting for Hell’s gates to open,
So they can be free.

And will I be free, in your open arms?

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