Poem – “Shed Tears as Torn Petals” – Romance – 1/12/2020

Love must have a way for us
In its seeming abyss.
We are a wilderness apart
Standing as stone statues
Carved by ravenous hands,
Full of lust in how they trembled,
And why do I feel you weep?

Like the rain against my windowpane,
I hear you cry along with the wind.
Your repeated sighs,
Makes me question why.
It makes me question your current state,
And how much is piled atop your plate.
Love is a statue,
And we are frozen.

Take us apart,
Oh Lord, take us apart.
Revive us,
Oh Lord, revive us,
For we are dead, as the soil beneath our bases.
We rose to see no skies,
I felt love to hear only cries,
With whatever beauty still flies.

Why the hurt?
Are you not made of stone,
Or are you the water
That runs against my barren body?

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