Poem – “Spectators of Grace” – Romance – 1/12/2020

All vow to watch you bow
Down to feast upon the grapes made from wax,
And blow delight upon the sight
Of ornamented delicacies from your heart made of silver.
You will feel when we’ve already sealed
Deep inside our minds, with the time we will unwind,
So that you can walk in that gait we’ve left behind.

Denial is a place of gold,
Worship is a place of bronze,
And I have said that your heart is made of silver.
Watch the world, will you not?
Observe each eye on the right sight,
Your face and its sorrowful place,
Where sickness comes to make its grace.

Watch all eyes, that slowly cry
Out the moons, to see you swoon.
You are loved, alike all women to this tale,
Like all the shallow breaths from one spring’s hail.
When winter arrives,
You’ll see who survives,
When the lake we step into, is the one where we’ll dive.

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